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Common Problems in the Mouth that Adults Experience

problems in the mouthThroughout your adult life, you will most likely suffer from at least one of the common problems in the mouth that we’re about to list. We’re not saying that it’s inevitable these will happen, but rather reporting on what has already happened to many adults – all of which require the expertise of your dentist to correct.

Chipped Teeth

You would believe that chipped teeth would be something akin to children who love to roughhouse and get into things they shouldn’t, but surprisingly chipping a tooth is a phenomenon that occurs most often in adults. Our chances of chipped teeth become greater with age. With age, we chew on more ice, more hard candies, etc. Also, our enamel isn’t as strong with age – despite being the strongest mineral in our bodies. If you chip a tooth, salvage the missing piece if you can, and bring it with you to an emergency dentistry appointment.

Stained Teeth

Over time, we expose ourselves more and more to common foods and drinks that are known to cause stains on our teeth such as wine, coffee, tea, soda, dark berries, spaghetti sauces, etc. No matter how many store bought teeth whitening trays your purchase, or whitening strips, the result will not be as fast and effective as teeth whitening performed by a professional dentist.

Amalgam Tattoo

While the American Dental Association has deemed amalgam as a safe solution for dental fillings, there are potential problems associated with them such as “amalgam tattoos”.You’ll notice these on the inside of your cheeks appearing as blue-grayish spots. They occur when a small piece of amalgam finds its way into the soft tissue of your mouth. They’re harmless, but you should consult your dentist on removing your amalgam fillings and replacing them with more advanced options.

Gum Disease – Experienced by Many Adults

Gum disease is the one of the main reasons dentists constantly nag you to brush and floss your teeth. When you don’t – you begin to enter the world of gum disease, which can be reversed in it’s early stages (known as gingivitis), but is non-reversible if it gets out of control. Many young adults are recommended to undergo deep cleaning procedures because they were not staying consistent with their routine. Listen to your dentist: brush and floss!

Many other common problems exist within our mouths as adults, but these seem to bear the most weight. Always make sure to visit your dentist every six months, not just for a routine cleaning, but for a chance to have a professional examine your mouth for any abnormalities. Dental exams are more important than you may realize.

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