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Do You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

wisdom teeth extractionWhy do we have to deal with wisdom teeth?

Wisdom Teeth Background

The third molars, or wisdom teeth, can cause a multitude of problems. So why do many of us have to deal with wisdom teeth? Before modern dentistry, adults usually lost several of their adult teeth to decay or having them knocked out, and these third molars conveniently helped fill in those gaps. Unfortunately, today they are not necessary with the technology available to retain natural adult teeth, and can be an inconvenience in many cases.

When do we need an Removal ?

If you are lucky enough not to have wisdom teeth, you won’t have to worry about them growing in and moving your other teeth out of place. Sometimes wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to fully rotate and break the surface of the gums, and instead push on the second molars, causing excessive pressure. In other cases, the wisdom teeth come out at odd angles, creating gaps between teeth where food can get caught and cause cavities.

What can you do?

Since wisdom teeth can cause so many unnecessary dental issues, many opt to have them removed. Depending on your case, you may benefit from extraction, or you may not have a problem with your wisdom teeth. To learn more about wisdom teeth and the extraction process, visit our Wisdom Teeth Removal page.

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