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How To Keep Your Breath Fresh – Doctor2th Irvine

chronic bad breath

When you prepare to meet someone new and want to make a good impression, do you check your breath?

Ways To Overcome Bad Breath

Many people chew gum or pop a mint when they want their bad breath to smell better, but what do you do when your have chronic bad breath?

There are many other ways to cover up the smell of bad breath. Some people chew parsley (which has anti-microbial properties) and eat yogurt (to replenish good bacteria) to help reduce bad breath odor.

It can be frustrating if Chronic bad breath persists even after practicing good dental hygiene. Chronic bad breath may be a sign of other underlying oral health problems. If you have Chronic bad breath that won’t go away, schedule a consultation with Doctor2th to find out more about what to do.

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