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3 Foods You Didn’t Expect to Stain Your Teeth

Foods Stain TeethStained, yellow teeth are often a sight many of us feel uncomfortable about or uneasy with. What most of us don’t realize is that stained teeth are often the direct result of the foods and drinks we consume.
The most obvious foods on this list are the usual culprits of soda, black tea and other dark teas, red wine, dark fruits such as blueberries, and coffee. Most of these foods and drinks are consumed on a regular basis, making it very difficult to keep your pearly whites.

3 Foods You Didn’t Expect to Stain Your Teeth

1. Tomato Sauce
Did you know that the tomato-based pasta sauces used for cooking are not great for the teeth? Tomatoes are good for you, but sauces are essentially concentrated versions of tomatoes, which are highly acidic. The acidity eats away at your enamel, causing discoloring over time.
2. Salad Dressings
Many of us consume salads because they’re light & healthy. However, the salad dressings can make or break your salad. Some of them contain a lot of fat, but almost all of them contain a lot of sugar and spices that work against our enamel.
3. Apples
It would make sense how blueberries, raspberries, and other berries would stain our teeth, but apples? It’s true. Apples have high levels of acidity and sucrose and every bite we take works against our enamel.

The Key Takeaway

Whether you were already aware of these or not, the key takeaway here is not to avoid these foods, but rather take more initiative to limit them where possible. Take initiative to also brush your teeth following a meal that may have not been enamel friendly, this way the acids, starches, and sugar do not stay on your teeth for long.

Looking to Reverse the Stains?

Professional in-office teeth whitening can restore your beautiful, white smile and reverse the years of damage accumulated from consumption of teeth-staining foods.

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