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Teeth 101: Understanding How to Avoid Ruining Your Teeth

avoid ruining teeth

If you maintain your teeth and keep them in tip-top shape, then you will reap the benefits of healthy teeth which includes less pain, less hassle, less hearing your dentist nag you about your dental habits every visit, and – here’s the big one – a fatter wallet because you won’t have to spend money on correcting mistakes. It’s truly a win-win situation. By understanding what we have to say in regards to teeth, you will become a “judo master” in avoiding situations that damage teeth.

Your Teeth are Not Tools

Many people have what appears to be an instinctual desire to use their teeth as tools to accomplish certain tasks. We’re referring to those people who pop open bottle caps with their teeth or rip open potato chip bags using their teeth. It’s times like these where you just may have enough bad luck to chip – or even break – a tooth. Bottomline: it’s not worth the risk of ruining or damaging your teeth.

Your Teeth are Not Made of Steel

Chewing ice can be one of those sensations that just feels good – similar to the oral act of smoking a cigarette*. We get it, but there are some precautions you should take. The next time you’re chewing ice that has been in the drink you just finished off, consider the fact that many people have ruined their teeth because of these overlooked habits.

The same goes for chewing on any substances or foods which are hard to bite down on. Common examples include many varieties of hard candies, apples, popcorn kernels, and even various nuts for certain people. Hard candies are made to suck on, as well as ice. Resist the urge to bite down forcefully and chew slowly if you have to.

Your Teeth Need Love

Everyone needs love, right? This also happens to include your teeth. It may sound like a “bum analogy”, but as dentists we have to beat this fact into your brain somehow. When we say “your teeth need love” we’re simply referring to the fact that they need to be brushed and flossed (you definitely didn’t see that one coming did you?). When this doesn’t occur, then problems arise and they may arise quickly.

It’s OK if you’re teeth have more than one lover, too. Even the American Dental Association agrees! They recommend you visit a dentist twice a year, so you only have to share your teeth with a dentist two times per year, that isn’t too bad right? Seriously though, don’t skip out on your routine dental visits. It’s important for dentists to remove any damage that has accumulated since your last visit – which we’re hoping hasn’t been more than a year.

Your Teeth are Not Made for Storage

What we’re referring to here is mainly how certain foods we chew will become trapped in our teeth. The biggest factor here are meats of any sort – raw, medium rare, well done, chicken, turkey, pork, and definitely any type of jerky will all find their way stuck in between your teeth. If you don’t remove it the same day with floss, then it will sit in your mouth while bacteria have themselves a loud party until the police arrive in the form of a nagging toothache – pointing to a sign of tooth decay.

*We would never recommend smoking to anyone as it’s a habit that can lead to many undesirable consequences of your mouth, and body too. Smoking and oral health are just not meant to be.

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