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Coffee Could Help Improve Your Oral Health!

Tens of millions of Americans can’t imagine going through a normal day without taking at least one cup of coffee. Whether black, creamy, sweet, or strong, there are both positive and negative sentiments about coffee. But of course, it’s better to receive good news than bad news, and there is more and more research pointing to many benefits of moderate coffee consumption, including improved oral health.
Here are some new medical reasons to keep enjoying your favorite beverage:
1. Coffee helps reduce the risk of oral and throat cancers.
This was the conclusion following one study conducted in Milan, Italy, where researchers compared about 5,000 cases of cancer to 9,000 cancer-free cases, all of which were pooled from nine case-controlled studies involving head and neck cancers.
From the data analysis, the researchers found a strong connection between moderate coffee consumption and the reduced incidence of oral and throat cancer. According to the data, the coffee drinkers consumed between 1 and 4 cups a day.
2. Coffee reduces the risk of tooth decay and cavities.
Several studies found that coffee roasts, particularly high grade coffees rich in caffeine, contain a high content of polyphenols that inhibit the growth of s. mutans bacteria in the mouth. This reduces the amount of plaque on your teeth, which in turn reduces your risk for tooth decay and cavities.
But can coffee be consumed safely for you to gain from these benefits?
While studies show that moderate consumption of coffee can improve your oral health, there are a few factors that may limit the beneficial effect of this beverage:
● First, a cup of coffee typically contains other ingredients, namely sugar and milk (contains sugar in the form of lactose), which facilitate tooth decay
● Second, coffee is itself a highly acidic beverage, which means that it facilitates the demineralization of tooth enamel
● Third, coffee penetrates your porous tooth enamel and dentin causing stained teeth (yellowish-brown)
It is unlikely that coffee lovers will stop drinking coffee because of its harmful effects, especially since proper oral hygiene, including both at-home care and regular dental visits, can effectively reduce the risk of tooth decay and teeth discoloration.
In addition, people love coffee for many other reasons, and the dental health benefits are just another plus. The important thing is that you drink your coffee responsibly, as excessive consumption of anything good can be toxic. At least now you know that your favorite beverage could save you from oral cancer.

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