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3 Foods To Avoid at All Costs with Braces or Orthodontics

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Taking care of your orthodontic appliance for 1-2 years may seem like quite a hassle, but it a small price to pay for a dazzling smile and improved confidence. Although braces are strong enough to withstand some degree of abuse, there are certain foods that you must avoid to ensure you don’t compromise their safety and effectiveness.

Introducing The Top 3 Foods You Should Avoid At All Costs with Braces or Orthodontics


These includes:


1. Sticky candy including chewing gum

Eating candy can completely devastate your orthodontic treatment. For starters, candy contains sugar that can hide in the nooks and crannies of your teeth, which are already hard to clean with normal brushing and flossing, resulting in tooth decay. Even with sugarless candy, it can get stuck to your braces and cause them to loosen or get damaged as you try to dislodge the gum.


2. Corn on the cob

While it is a joy to eat corn straight from the cob during summer, you will have to forego this enjoyment until the braces are off. The problem is that biting into the cob can cause the wires and brackets to slacken and get dislodged. The corn can also get stuck in your appliance, increasing the risk for tooth decay. This will not only cause discomfort, but also an extra trip to the orthodontist – who you will already be seeing regularly for checkups.

If you can’t completely avoid corn you can simply remove it from the cob and throw it to the back for your mouth. However, you must also avoid popcorn, because the husks can get stuck in hard to clean areas, contributing to tooth decay.


3. Pizza crusts

Actually, you need to avoid all hard and crunchy foods, including nuts, pretzels, and hard breads and cookies as well. Every hard crunch increases the risk for the wires and braces cracking and even coming off. These foods can also get caught between the appliance and your teeth where it is harder to clean, making you more prone to decay. Generally, any item that does not bend, including hard cookies should be avoided. To protect your braces, opt for softer breads, buns, etc.


Final note

Besides maintaining a safe and healthy diet, you should brush and floss regularly to remove food debris that get stuck between the wires and your teeth. Taking good care of your braces through proper diet and hygiene will help you avoid unnecessary trips to the orthodontist to get any damaged wires or popping brackets fixed.

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