Doctor2th now offers an innovative mouth washing & rinsing solution designed to help kill the bad oral germs quickly & effectively in order to help your mouth heal to it’s full potential.

What is OraCare Oral Cleanser?

OraCare Oral Cleanser Helps Maintain White Teeth!

The main active ingredient in OraCare is Activated Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2). Activate ClO2 kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, volatile sulfur compounds (VSC’s) and breaks up biofilm, which contributes to making it a very versatile compound. Activated ClO2 is also able to rapidly kill bacteria and does not allow time for the bacteria to become resistant. All of these benefits help you maintain your white teeth!

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Before/After Photo of OraCare Oral Cleanser

Here’s an example of the power OraCare Oral Cleanser to give you an idea of what to expect from Doctor2th’s office.

OraCare Oral Cleanser in Irvine, CA

OraCare Oral Cleanser Reviews

Patients & dentists have utilized OraCare Oral Cleanser all over the U.S.A. & here are what some patients have been saying about this bacteria-killing solution offered by Doctor2th in Irvine, CA:

"If one were going to design the perfect mouthwash, it would need to be safe for the user, whiten teeth, kill bacteria, destroy biofilms (sticky plaque), eliminate bad breath and taste great so patients will actually use it. Fortunately, nobody needs to bother designing this mouthwash because I've been using it for several months in my oral surgery and implant practice and it's called OraCare." - Dr. Michael, DDS, Texas

"I really love OraCare. As my perio re-evals come back, I am finding a huge difference in the results and health of those patients that I irrigated with OraCare vs. those I irrigated with Peridex. It has made a huge difference!" - Melissa, RDH, West Virginia

"I am prone to canker sores. The irritation and pain caused by them had not been helped by any product so I would just have to wait for them to clear up. However, less than 24 hours after I rinse with OraCare, my canker sores are gone." - Lindsay, Ohio

"After rinsing with OraCare, my mouth feels Power Washed!" - Steve, New Jersey

"As a new cancer patient, I found OraCare to be a great help. I had heard that with chemotherapy once could get terrible mouth sores. During my treatment, I can say that I believe OraCare had a major part in keeping my mouth sore free. I am grateful for this 'magic mouthwash'." - Sister Anthony Mary, Kentucky

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